Using Salt with Windows

Week 5 of Configuration Management Systems course.

Course material:

Environment: My Windows 10 PC with plenty of storage. VirtualBox VM running Debian 11 XFCE. VM has 4 GB of RAM and 40 GB of disk space.

Hello Windows Salt!

Objective: Write a Salt state that creates a file called “suolaikkuna.txt”.

I started by creating an init.sls file to a Salt project directory called hello-windows. (source)

> cd C:\users\valka\salt\hello-windows
> New-Item -Path '.\init.sls' -ItemType File

In File Explorer, I opened init.sls in Notepad and wrote the instructions for creating the file.


I ran the Salt state with salt-call. The flag --file-root tells Salt to use the specified directory as root.

> salt-call --file-root=C:\Users\valka\salt --local state.apply hello-windows

I got an error. I forgot to add a colon to the Salt state.

error message



I ran the state again. This time it was successful.


I checked that the file created was actually there.


No notes, no pen

Objective: Gather the Windows machines technical information to a text file. Optional: can you save them in JSON-format?

I used the items state function from the grains module to gather information. I wrote the information to a .txt file.

> salt-call --local grains.items > tech-info.txt

technical information

For the JSON format, I used --out flag to specify the output as JSON. (source)

> salt-call --local grains.items --out=json > tech-info.txt

json info

Knock knock. Is the TCP port open?

Objective: Find out if a port is open or closed. Try it on both Linux and Windows. Show an open and a closed port on both operating systems.


I installed netcat.

$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install netcat

I tried connecting to ports 4505 and 4507. 4505 is a port used by Salt Master and port 4507 is, to my knowledge, not in use. (source: man nc, screenshots from the lecture,

$ nc -vz 4505
Connection to 4505 port [tcp/*] succeeded!
$ nc -vz 4507
nc: connect to port 4507 (tcp) failed: Connection refused

netcat output


I used tnc (Test-NetConnection) to connect to ports. (source: man tnc)

> tnc -Port 4510
> tnc -Port 4509

Port 4510 is commonly used by Microsoft Silverlight plugin which adds interactivity to browsers. (source). Port 4509 was not in use.

tnc ports


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